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Individual Program

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Environment and Personality Intuitive Card Sort

We use intuitive strategies to identify career opportunities, professional development, personal growth, and future happiness.


Many leaders in the field of career counseling believe you must be happy at work or your dominant environment in order to find meaning and feel successful in life. For most of us, it’s our job, for others it maybe where they volunteer, go to school or spend the majority of their time.


Discovers and explains an individual’s unique construction as to their personal partialities. The assessment can be related to personality, needs, values, motivators, interests and environment. Designate individual traits in their personality, styles of working and environments to thrive in.


The Holland Occupational Themes or the Holland Codes (RIASEC) pertains to a theory of vocational and career choice, based on six themes identified and developed by American psychologist John L. Holland and was first introduced in the 1970’s.


Once you make an account, you can purchase the assessment. Your results will be saved and accessible anytime you login. Use your results with different activities found on the individual program page for further exploration!

Hear What Our Customers Have To Say

The EPICS brings career counseling assessment to life in beautifully crafted, full color images. Across the board clients are attracted to using the EPICS cards in ways that they are not to traditional, language-oriented assessments; the cards draw people in from beginning to end. You will want to use the EPICS with all of your clients.

Dr. Lisa D. Hinz
Dr. Lisa D. HinzPHD, ATR

I took the EPICS Assessment after being a flight attendant for a year. It pointed out some of the reasons I chose this career, but also clearly identified some of my strengths in other fields. It helped reiterate that there are other career options out there (if I choose to look into something else.) I highly recommend this easy to use assessment that is appealing to all ages."

Mandi Fleishman
Mandi Fleishman, 26International Flight Attendant, BA in Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations

The EPICS system was spot-on accurate. It managed to accurately describe my studies and ways of thinking as a chemical engineer. I was always very skeptic of such methods but there was no arguing when the results from EPICS actually described my career path and interests of study and many other aspects of my personality.”

George Shaw
George ShawChemical Engineer B.S., Cincinnati, OH

Taking EPICS was the best 20 minutes I’ve ever invested in myself.

Shelly B.
Shelly B.American Airlines Operations Manager, JFK International Airport

Epics is a tool that I will use to achieve an acute focus on ‘career Sara’, and who she is , so that I honor the authentic me vs continually feeling pressured by and distracted by family needs, societal pressures, and cultural expectations. This has been an excellent tool. Answers are VERY clear. It’s me who gets in my own way. Cannot wait to report back where I land."

Sara G.
Sara G.Mother of three, avid patron of the arts, public relations

I was incredibly impressed by the intuitive accuracy of EPICS. It reflected many of the aspects of my personality and interests that I am already familiar with and simultaneously implied aspects of my personality that are not as conspicuous. I wholeheartedly believe that this assessment can direct individuals towards fitting careers."

Aniella F.
Aniella F.Program Coordinator at Community Health Center, Inc., Storrs, CT

I am loving this assessment!!!  I think it was highly accurate with the way I view myself and the environment I feel I flourish in.  Plus it was so easy!  Looking at the pictures removed my self judgement in a way as to prevent me from “overthinking” the test and answering what I think is the best way I ‘should’ be perceived.
Further, the duality in many of the images, caused me some inner conflict, which required to view it as a whole, which I have not experienced with other assessments.
FANTASTIC!!!!  WELL DONE!!!  I can’t wait to start using this on clients!!"

Dawn McDanielPresident, Bravo Delta Consulting

Dear Karen,
This is really Lisa writing to you from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods. I just got done teaching Career Counseling and had a great demonstration with the EPICS. I did the MOCS with a volunteer (one of the other instructors) and then the EPICS and compared the results. The interesting thing that happened in this case was that the MOCS showed careers in the Artistic and Social areas. The EPICS was more Artistic and Investigative. We talked about how the left-brained MOCS might give certain information and how the right-brain EPICS would give another perspective.
Also, the carScreen Shot 2015-04-13 at 8.50.07 PMds that she did not care for were four EP cards and we talked about using this information with clients too in career counseling – what elements of work might not be fully developed or might interfere with the full development of a job or career choice. In this case, how an artist or art therapist might be uncomfortable with charging and collecting a fee for services, etc.
The whole experience was very enlightening for everyone. ”

Lisa HinzProfessor at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, IN

The EPICS brings career counseling assessment to life in beautifully crafted, full color images. Across the board clients are attracted to using the EPICS cards in ways that they are not to traditional, language-oriented assessments; the cards draw people in from beginning to end. Results can be discussed using the personality and environment descriptors on the backs of the cards, but an image driven discussion goes even deeper. You will want to use the EPICS with all of your clients.”

Dr. Lisa D. Hinz, PHDATR- Saint Helena, CA

I see so many opportunities to use EPICS with those incarcerated. I introduced EPICS to three of my clients at the Dane County Jail in Madison Wisconsin; two males and one female, all age seventeen. All three clients were experiencing similar stressors: adapting to the environment of an adult jail, processing their actions that lead them to incarceration, and wondering what their future holds. Returning to their lives of gang involvement or prostitution presents as the safe route, they are guided by older relatives on how to behave and experience less threats and abuse. Leaving and making a new path is more frightening and not supported by their families or “providers”.

The three clients were similar in that they displayed poor self esteem, anxiety regarding transitioning back to the community, and reported minimal goal orientation. EPICS targeted all three of these issues in a manner that allowed each client to be in control of the process. I watched their confidence grow as they became more comfortable choosing cards. This process appeared extremely symbolic as they were now able to make independent choices based on their unique strengths and interests. After the cards were sorted, the clients discussed the stack of images they were attracted to. They reflected back to examples of how they had succeeded in the past. EPICS naturally provided positive feedback, organized strengths and interests, and sparked a light which may instill the ability and desire to change.”

A. GeissLicensed Professional Counselor and Art Therapist in Wisconsin

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Holland Interest Themes

Holland Interest Themes The Holland Occupational Themes or the Holland Codes (RIASEC) pertains to a theory of vocational and career choice, based...

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